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29 May, 2020

HFO: End of an era

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Since the 1960’s, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) has been the king of shipping fuels. A byproduct of crude oil, HFO expels 35,000 ppm into the environment and accounts for 8% of the sulfuric dioxide in the air. The arrival of the IMO 2020 fuel regulation in 2019 signaled a formal move toward alternatives to HFO like biodiesel, hydrogen, methanol, and even battery-powered ships. While each of these has been pursued incrementally in the past, the breadth and urgency of a regulated shift is changing the dynamic. Domestic shippers, such as retailers and raw material manufacturers, are tending towards low-sulfur diesel oil alternatives, whereas ocean liner companies are embracing exhaust cleaning systems known as scrubbers. Even during times of lower fuel demand, we can anticipate ongoing forward motion in alternative fuel adoption. Let’s look into it…

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19 Mar, 2020

4 technology trends influencing logistics

Using Technology to meet evolving customer demand in the new decade

In the past two decades, tech innovations, the rise of e-commerce, and evolving customer demands have had a significant impact on the logistics industry. Today, customers want products and services delivered faster and more cheaply than ever before. In this ‘smarter and faster’ era, efficiency and staying ahead of the curve are key for logistics providers. Here are some of the latest technological advances that logistics experts can integrate into their operations to meet these new challenges.

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07 Feb, 2020

The future is here for healthcare cold chain logistics


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With the healthcare industry projecting global growth of $8.39 billion over the next five years, concentrated primarily in the United States, the logistics space is bracing for cold chain challenges. Due to increased demand for specialized shipping needs, the healthcare industry is already dealing with tightened capacity, overnight delivery challenges, hidden costs, and drug shortages. However, emerging innovations promise to address many of these issues, and logistics providers are preparing to adopt and deploy them for their healthcare clients. Let’s review the ways that tech is addressing the challenges for the cold supply chain and providing solutions.

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19 Dec, 2019

Carriers: 8 best practices to navigate winter’s wrath

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Winter presents challenges for the logistics industry generally, and freight carriers with drivers spending significant time on the road face their own particular set of seasonal concerns. In the face of harsh snow, ice, and wind, it’s extremely important that drivers and their vehicles are ready to handle the worst conditions so that their journeys are safe.

Here are some of CAI Logistics’ best tips for navigating winter weather.

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09 Dec, 2019

IMO 2020: Supply chains brace for market challenges on the horizon

As the end of 2019 approaches, supply chain and logistics professionals alike are bracing for the effects of the International Maritime Organization’s low-sulfur regulations. What CNBC coins as “the biggest change in oil market history,” the new IMO standard will reduce sulfur emissions by over 80%. Under the new regulations the maximum fuel oil sulfur limit will reduce from 3.5 weight percent (wt%) to 0.5 wt% starting January 1, 2020. Currently, the most commonly used marine fuel 

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23 Oct, 2019

The role of logistics with natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

Hurricane season is well underway, and many companies find themselves unprepared for the disastrous tolls it can have on their business. Based on a 2017 survey from FM Global, over 60% of company executives felt that hurricanes had an “adverse effect on their business” and that they were “not completely prepared” to handle the effects of hurricanes.

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09 Oct, 2019

Do you know what to look for in a 3PL?

As third-party logistics providers (3PL) evolve to meet changes in the marketplace, partnering with the right one is critical to keeping supply chain operations on track. A seasoned 3PL can enhance your supply chain, stabilize pricing, improve the reputation of your organization, and properly manage the possible risk challenges in today’s market. In today's post, guest blogger John Ohnstad, Director of Business Development for CAI Logistics shares his thoughts on properly vetting and qualifying a 3PL to support your organization.

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15 Aug, 2019

How to ensure your company is compliant with HazMat guidelines


Hauling hazardous materials (hazmat) offers transportation companies opportunities to boost their business revenue. In the current market, there are over 500,000 daily shipments of hazardous materials in the U.S. However, as lucrative as it may be, shipping hazmat is a complex process with specific rules and regulations. 

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17 Jul, 2019

12 warehouse management best practices that improve efficiency


Providing reliable service while keeping costs under control requires maintaining efficient distribution centers. To achieve this goal, it pays to streamline warehouse operations with the latest organizational and technical upgrades — from training staff to perform their jobs more effectively, to investing in the latest technologies. The results will include saving time and money, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting profits.

Here are some ways supply chain managers can reduce inefficiencies and streamline warehouse management operations:

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27 Jun, 2019

Here’s a Full Recap of This Year’s 3PL and Supply Chain Summit


Throughout the year, supply chain and logistics business intelligence company, eft, gather the industry’s top supply leaders to discuss the future of logistics as part of its running 3PL and Supply Chain Summit series. The most recent event took place earlier this month in Chicago, where experts weighed digital technologies and trending strategies against the rising demands of customers during a multiple-day schedule full of workshops, discussion panels, keynotes, exhibitor booths and more. 

CAI’s own AVP of sales and business development, Carl R. Citelli, attended the summit and was since interviewed regarding his thoughts and takeaways from the experience. Here’s a recap of what he had to say:

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